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The importance of Home Staging

Without a doubt the biggest asset you will ever own in your lifetime will be your own home. When selling this asset, the best investment you can make is on home staging. A great example of the importance of home staging can be seen in vacant and empty properties.

Most home buyers cannot visualise a home with furniture

If you are selling a home that is unfurnished, you are losing 9 out of 10 buyers. Why is that? Simple, only 10% of the population can picture an empty home, or an empty room, with furniture in it!

It might not seem like a reason not to buy a home, especially if the potential buyers love everything else about the property. However, it is a huge deterrent to most buyers. They like to be able to visualise how they will live, and create a lifestyle in the home they buy.

If you take that element of emotion away, you don’t get that amazing first impression that is essential in getting their offer, and you therefore lose the buyer. You wouldn’t go to work to meet important clients or other business professionals without looking your absolute best. If you turned up to an important meeting not looking your best, would people feel like they could trust you? Would they want to buy from you or engage with you in the future? Probably not. First impressions count in every situation, especially when selling your home.

A property stylist gets your home ready for the big opening night

As property stylist, we often see the misinterpretation of what property stylists do, and the doubt of how value is added by using our services. If you look at it like a production, property stylists get your home ready for the big opening night – open homes. In the lead up to this, we set up the stage. Once the stage is set, or the house is appropriately styled, real estate agents advertise and “sell the tickets”, to your open homes through the “programme of photos and key features of your production”.

What does all this really mean? It means that not only do property stylists hand select everything for your home, for the bathroom, living room, backyard and everything in between. They then find the perfect position for these pieces within your home, and style it to make it appealing to the widest market of people.

By your property stylist doing this, you will attract more buyers through your home. Staging sets your home apart from the tough competition; resulting in a quicker sale and sale campaign, and bringing more bidders to your auction. The best part of all of that?

Achieve a higher sale price on your home

Property styling is proven to achieve a higher sale price by an average of 5-10%. So really, that small outlay or investment you make when you engage the services of a property stager to style your home, makes immense returns! It is worth every single cent. Plus you get the added bonus of the whole sale process being so much smoother and less stressful overall. All of these reasons are what makes property styling oh so important, and beneficial to you.

If you are thinking about selling, contact Plush Home property staging to arrange a quote to stage your home for sale, you won’t regret it!