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The Importance of Street Appeal

Street Appeal, and making a good first impression is absolutely vital when you’re selling a house. That all starts at the front facade. Once a property becomes advertised for sale, most buyers like to take a drive by.

During this time, they are taking in the location, street, neighbours and what your home looks like from the outside. In other words, this is known as street appeal, and without it, buyers may just drive on to the next house, without even stepping through the front door.
Here we highlight the areas of street appeal, and how to use it when selling your home.


It is important to create a neat and tidy impression for your front garden. You can create an easy-care garden by freshly mowing and fertilizing the lawn, raking up leaves, picking up any toys and pet droppings in the yard, trimming any hedges and removing any weeds.
Planting some colourful flowers and shrubs, instantly add life to any garden. By presenting your garden in immaculate presentation, it shows that it is low maintenance, something that appeals to many buyers.

Front Door

Make sure that you have a clear and welcome entrance to the front of your home. This not only entices buyers inside, it shows that the house is well maintained. An extra way to create a sense of arrival is to use pot plants on either side of the door to frame it.
You need to confirm front entry security. Check the front door and screen door are in good working order. Ensure they both close properly and that all locks work correctly. Make sure your screen door has no holes or tears. 



Showcase an entrance pathway that is clean and clear. Make it visible and easy to access. Make sure the outside of the home is well kept, or if needed, re-done to create a fresh and welcoming environment. This may include:

  • Painting the exterior, trim, doors, fascia’s and render.
  • Power washing the driveway, paths, bricks, gutters and outsides of the windows.
  • Checking the roof for any repairs that may be required.
  • Utilising exterior staging. A cluster of plants, and an inviting bench or seat, adds to the overall feel your home will present to buyers.


Consider repairing or replacing old and damaged fly-screens. Cleaning the outside (and inside) glass of all your windows will instantly improve the look of your property. Not only will your buyers have a clearer view to see inside the home, when inside the maximum natural light shining through the windows, will create a warm and inviting appeal.

Above all, if the front of your home, as well as the interior, both look amazing, buyers are going to want to pay their top dollar to secure your property over other high paying buyers.

If you live in Newcastle and would like to ensure your Street Appeal is right for your home when putting it on the market, contact us to find out how we can help.

Photo credit to Street Appeal Garden Solutions, Newcastle’s local Street Appeal specialists.