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Interior Design Trends
– 2019

It is that time of year, where 2018 starts to come to a close.
Where did that year even go?! 
A whole new year of interior design is in front of us! As property stylists in Newcastle, we ensure to stay on trend with the furniture pieces, homewares and colours we use in all our styling work.

Colour’s are the smiles of nature

Every year, Pantone releases the Pantone colour of the year. More often than not, the colour of the year sets the tone for the interior trends for the following year.

This year’s colour of the year is ‘Night Watch’. It is a deep, Jade-like green with strong orientations to nature. It also shows connections with the trends emerging around calmness and technology-free spaces.

For something different, Pantone also recently released two colour palettes for 2019. They are predicting the colours of 2019 for interiors and design will be inspired by focus. “Because of the infinite choices of our time and the need to hone in on those that capture roving eyes, Pantone Home + Interiors 2019 is a colour roadmap that is focused on the colours that are leading the way towards a diverse, imaginative future.”
‘Cravings’, the first palette, is inspired by food. It is a variety of rich reds and purples, flamingo orange, and warm browns.
‘Classico’, the second palette, is a collection of essential and undying colours. This palette includes rich teal, grey, gold and apricot.


Back to Black

Matte black has been a strong trend in the fashion and beauty industry this year. It will move into homewares and interiors in 2019. Black is always a timeless and exciting addition to any space. It can be used to create a lot of drama and bold statements, and is likely to be with us for a long time.

Sustainability and recycled materials

Sustainable design is becoming a big part of design for the future. Next year will be no exception, as this trend starts to take full steam, paving the way for a direction of change. Across homes, sustainable and natural fabrics are going to be a key trend for 2019. We will see sustainable design in upholstered furniture, throws, cushions and wall-hangings. We will also see more movement towards recycled and renewed materials and furniture, in a further bid for sustainable design in a holistic manner.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Minimalism continues to shine a light upon the need for a clutter-free path through the interior design world. Next year we will see an increase in clean lines and openness across the whole house, with particular focus on the kitchen. There will be a design trend of creating kitchens that have no upper cupboards. Instead, using bold colours in the lower cabinetry and appliance choices will make a statement.

As society begins to shift towards healthier lifestyles, in particular the increase in more vegans and vegetarians, this will start to translate into the kitchen. A wellness kitchen will start to become a term used more often. Wellness kitchens will be known to be full of lots of living produce and herb gardens. The sustainable design practices talked about above will be heavily prominent in kitchens. The layout of kitchens will continue to be designed in a way to foster social interactions and nurture strong family relationships.

Gold has never looked so good

Gold is on it’s way back, and is looking to be big in the New Year. Pared with the other trends of matte black, raw and sustainable finishes, gold will be seen in a new light, and give luxury a new meaning in 2019.