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Partial Property Styling

There is often a stigma around property styling, that it is only able to be used and achieve the best results for empty properties that have been fully staged. This is certainly not true! Property styling is used to enhance the look, appeal and value of any home. This includes vendors who already have their own furnishings and will be living in the property during the sale campaign. Partial styling, is what the styling industry call it when we work with using the vendors existing furniture.

What is Partial Styling?

Partial Styling is not a full styling package for an entire fit out of a home. It is where a property stylist will only style specific parts of your property. Whether this be one room in a house that has no furniture in it at all. Or just a specific area of the property which needs some extra help getting it ready for sale. During partial styling, mostly décor items, such as soft and hard furnishings are added to help enhance the overall look and feel of the room. This often includes a property stylist adding art, rugs, cushions, linen and décor accessories.

The Partial Styling Solution

Stylist’s understand that full styling packages are not always an option for all sellers. Selling a home can often be an expensive experience. Not all seller’s can afford a full property styling fit out. They may also be living in the property during the sale campaign. Therefore, are not able to arrange storage or removal of all their own furniture in order to completely style the home for sale.
Partial styling offers a great solution. As a seller you get advise on how to make what you currently have appeal to the broadest market. You also get the option to only pay a small price to hire the stylist’s accessories and décor, while still achieving the right feel to appeal to all of your potential buyers.

How does Partial Styling work?


Plush Home completes partial property styling installs in Newcastle. To do so, it involves sending out a stylist to your home to assess all of the rooms to be partially styled. During this initial meeting with you, advise is offered regarding the pieces of existing furniture that should be added or removed in each room. This advise will help to maximise the value of the property and its presentation. The stylist may ask for you to put these items away, or in storage  for the sale campaign.

On the install date, a property stylists will come into your property to add furnishings and décor items. During the set up, they work to blend all of their stock with the existing furnishings within each of your spaces. This ensures a seamless and appealing finish.

If you are living in your home while selling and would like to incorporate some partial staging to help make your property feel cohesive and appealing to buyers, contact Plush Home Property Staging Newcastle to discuss your requirements.