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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is home staging?

Staging homes for sale is all about creating potential. Through clever furniture positioning and styling, staging helps buyers see the potential in your property and helps them imagine themselves living there. Staging might look like arranging furniture and making things look ‘pretty’ but it’s far more complex than that. At its core, staging involves building an emotional connection to your home with more buyers, to increase interest and boost your sales price.


How do I organise a quote/consultation?

It’s pretty simple. You can either give us a call, send through an email, or complete our contact form to start the ball rolling. All our quotes/consultations are totally free. Once we know what you need, we can pull together a quote for you and start creating magic.

Phone: Call Sarah on 0424 869 886 or Saskia on 0432 741 592 to discuss your needs.

Email: Send an email to info@plushhome.com.au telling us about your property, your timeline and what you’re looking for in terms of staging and our services.

Online: Complete our online contact form to give us an idea of your requirements.

What can I expect during the initial consultation?

Sarah or one of our other stylists will come to your property to have a look around, and ask questions to get a better understanding of your situation. We’ll discuss different staging options and come up with a plan to make the best use of your property’s strongest assets. During the consultation we’ll also cover ways you can improve the presentation of your property, even if our home staging services aren’t ultimately for you.

It all sounds great - what’s next?

If you’re happy with your consultation and want to move forward with home staging, just give us a call to book a day for install. Let us know when your promotional photos are booked in as we’ll try to arrange our install for the same day, so your property looks its absolute best!


What happens during an install?

It can be a hectic few hours but the end result is pure magic! The team will arrive at the appointed time and spend around 3-4 hours setting up the furniture, installing artwork, adjusting soft furnishings and getting your property primed to attract your ideal buyer. You will be stunned at the transformation we can make in just a couple of hours!

Do I need to be present during an install?

No you don’t. Actually, it’s best for you to spend a few hours at a cafe or walking along the beach before returning to experience the full transformation for yourself. It can get become a very busy, creative mess as we do our thing. But, you are more than welcome to stick around and watch us work if you’d like to see the process unfold before your eyes.

For partial's, what happens to any of my furniture not used in the installation?

Often, we’ll need to declutter furniture and other pieces from your home as part of the staging process when partial staging. In this case, you can organise short term storage for your items or we can offer a discounted rate with one of our storage partners. We can also help with packing, transporting & moving your furniture into storage on the day of the install. Just let us know if you’d like to use this service and we can give you a quote.


How much does the first consultation cost?

Your initial consultation costs nothing – zip, zilch, zero! It’s important that we get to know you and explore your property so we can devise a strategy to show its full potential.

How much does home staging cost?

This question is a lot like asking how long is a piece of string! Each property we stage is priced differently due to the different variables we have to take into consideration on each job. This includes the size of the property and whether it’s a full or partial staging project.

As a guide, a one-bedroom townhouse, fully staged, could cost $2,400 as a minimum for a 6-week sales campaign. A larger 5-bedroom family home could cost in the vicinity of $5,500 – $7,000 for the same timeframe. There are lots of factors that influence the quote price – access, room sizes, amounts of furniture required etc. We’re always upfront about the cost when quoting and provide an all-inclusive price to help with your planning.

What’s included in a staging quote?

Our quotes are all-inclusive, meaning they cover all agreed services including:

  • a detailed presentation plan, setting out our goals for your home staging project
  • an itemised list of furniture and furnishings to be used in each room
  • furniture removal fees (if applicable)
  • storage fees for any furniture removed from your property (if applicable)

The quote also includes instructions on what furniture is to be kept, removed, stored or moved elsewhere.

How can I pay?

We know selling your property and moving is a stressful time so we offer two ways you can pay for your home staging.

To ease the burden, you can pay a 50% deposit first up with the remainder due prior to installation (this can be done via direct debit or Credit Card).

If using our Plush Home Staging Guarantee, you do not pay us until your property sells, and the cost of the staging service is taken out on settlement with no additional interest or fees. We coordinate this with your conveyancer so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Can you work within a budget?

A big part of our job is to consider your budget when planning your home staging requirements. That’s why we start by quoting you on a full staging plan and, if that’s not financially feasible, we then start working back to better suit your budget.

However, it’s important to see home staging as an investment rather than a cost. Putting money into staging your property will attract better buyers and help you secure a better price for your home, which is often a lot more than the cost of home staging itself.

Can you match a cheaper quote from elsewhere?

Unfortunately, we can’t do that. While it’s always good to get several quotes when considering staging your property for sale, you need to be sure the services offered are the same. We are very clear about what we include in our quotes, which are all-inclusive, so you know exactly what you are getting. While another quote may be cheaper, they may not be offering the same level of service or inclusions. That’s why we can’t match cheaper quotes.


How do you decide on a style?

We’ll generally come up with a style after having a look at your property, getting a feel for your target buyer and seeing what items are available to use from our extensive home staging inventory. Our goal is to present your property in the best possible light, accentuating its best assets and helping potential buyers see how easy it would be to live there.

Do I get a say on the style you choose?

We’re always open to listening to our clients – this is your property after all. However, it’s important to understand that home staging is not about your own style preferences. It’s about meeting the needs of your market, which sometimes means that you may not personally love every piece that’s placed in your home. But, that’s okay – if we do our job right, you won’t have to worry about that for very long!

What if I’m not happy with the style?

If you find you really don’t like the style we choose or some of our pieces, we’re happy to work with you and your agent to sort things out. We’re here to support you and make the sales process easier – not harder. So, please reach out if you have any concerns.

Can I use some of my own furniture?

Definitely. Our partial staging services integrate your existing furniture and pieces with ours to reduce the cost and add a personal touch to your property. We’ll review your existing pieces and work out how we can tie things together with the selected style to create a comfortable oasis for your target buyers.


Can I live in the house after you stage it?

You can live in your home while it’s staged – just let us know at the time of the consultation. All our furniture and decor pieces are fully insured against fire and theft; however, they’re not insured against malicious or accidental damage. So, you can go about your life as normal (in between inspections!) – just no big parties, okay?

How does the bedding work - is it ours?

All the bedding that we provide as part of our partial home staging packages is intended to be used on top of your own linen, this means you can enjoy the comfort of your own bedding, and use our pieces on top for all your open homes and private viewings.

What if I accidentally damage something?

Look, accidents happen to all of us. If one of our items is damaged during the hire period, give us a call so we can check it out for you. It might be a quick and easy repair, or it might require replacement, which means we may have to pass the costs onto you. But, the first step is to let us know so we work out what comes next.

I have pets - how does that work?

As much as we love pets, they can wreak havoc on a newly staged space. By all means, have them in your home, especially if they are well behaved, but be mindful of their impact on your rented furniture and decor items. Remember, it’s your responsibility to return all furnishings & other staging items in the same condition they arrived. If our bedding and soft furnishings are returned with pet hair on them, we will have to pass on laundering costs to you to return them into their original condition. 


How long is the standard rental period?

Our standard rental period is 6 weeks, which is made up of 4 weeks paid and 2 weeks free (our shout!). Generally, this period is all you need, as it usually covers the full sales campaign, from initial advertising to the signing of that all-important contract of sale.

What if my house sells early? Can I get a refund on some of the rental?

That’s the outcome we’re all after and means that we’ve done our job well! However, we can’t offer a refund if your home sells straight away. Most of the cost of our service lies in our styling expertise and in expenses such as insurance, delivery and styling hours. These costs are the same, whether your house sells on its first day or later in the rental period.

What if my house doesn’t sell within the rental period?

Our staging services always contribute to a quicker sale. If for some reason your house doesn’t sell in the rental period, you have the option to extend your staging campaign.


I need to organise some gardening and cleaning as well, can you arrange this?

We work with a range of different trades to assist with all elements of the pre-sale process for our clients. We always suggest a pre-sale clean the day before we stage your property, and the front gardens need to have that TLC to make sure that they give your buyers the best first impression of your home from the outside, in. And you never know, we sometimes have these 2 services as one off specials, so you might be lucky to score one of them for free with our staging campaign.

Can you manage projects/renovations?

Yes we certainly can! We can clear estates, help with selecting colours, materials and finishes for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and exteriors of the home, as well as organise all the relevant and reliable trades that we regularly work with to ensure a quick, smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

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