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Preparing your home for professional photos

When selling a home the 3 P’s are often spoken a lot about – price, presentation and promotion. Coming under the promotion arch is another very important P – professional photography. It is so important when preparing your home for professional photography to complete the steps listed below to ensure you receive high quality photos to market your home.

First impressions are crucial, and studies have shown that buyers choose the homes they go and see in person based on the quality and quantity of pictures they see online.

As a seller, what should you do to get your home ready for a real estate photoshoot and ensure that those photos capture your buyers and bring them to your home?


– Remove vehicles and garbage bins, from the driveway / front of house.

– Sweep driveway, walkways, porches, patios and decks.

– Remove hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, children’s/pet’s toys.

– Ensure the lawn has been mowed; trim back shrubs from walkway areas and doorways; remove weeds from flower beds and around shrubs/bushes.


– Open window fittings (curtains, sheers, blinds) to let in as much natural light as possible, the more light the better! If the view out a window isn’t pleasing, leave those coverings closed.

– Turn off ceiling fans (moving fan blades will look like a blur in the photos).

– De-clutter as much as possible, including children’s toys, clothing, piles of papers and magazines. Remove anything from the floor that doesn’t belong on the floor.

– In bathrooms, make sure mirrors are squeaky clean as any spots or streaks will be visible in the photos. Remove toiletries and other personal items from counters, tubs, and showers; close toilet lids; remove/replace old or dirty towels, washcloths, etc. Remove bins and toilet brushes.

– Make all beds neatly (avoid wrinkles, lumps, etc.); clear dressers of excessive personal items.

– If your child’s bedroom has his/her name spelled out on the wall or is otherwise visible, you may wish to remove it. If removal isn’t feasible, be sure to alert your photographer so they can attempt to edit it out from the final photos.

– At desks, hide or unplug dangling cables/wires; clear papers. Straighten up and/or remove excess items from the desk and bookcases.

– In the kitchen, remove most, but not all, items from the counters. Items that can be left out might include – stylists items, or the following: decorative canisters, a fruit bowl, no more than two countertop appliances. You want it to be uncluttered, but not sterile. Items to remove or hide from view include: dish towels, pet dishes, rubbish bins.

– Remove absolutely everything from the outside of the refrigerator.

– Check that cupboard doors and drawers all close properly.

If your home is staged a lot of these things will already have been completed prior to staging. If unstaged the above is the best checklist to ensure your home presents its best in your professional photography.

This article is credit to Brittany Millen Photography, a local real estate photographer who we use and recommend to capture your home to its absolute best.