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The Property Styling Process

Property styling involves an intricate and detailed process from start to finish. It is not all fluffing cushions! It is like moving house everyday for our team. For most people, moving is a life event that is quite often unfavoured. Property stylists and their team must be some of the few people that really enjoy it (crazy!). Let us break down the process so that there is no confusion about what we do as a property styling business.

Property Styling: The Creative Process

The process starts as soon as a stylist walks into the door of your property and sees the spaces they have to work with. Immediately our creative wheels are turning as we start to envision what we can create within your home. Our aim is to make it look as amazing as possible for the sale and marketing campaign.

In the lead up to the install date, we are organising and briefing the logistics team and hand picking each individual item of stock and décor we will use to suit / highlight the best features of your home. In most cases, this lead up time will also include the purchase of new items of stock. We do this to mix in with our current inventory, as we believe every house has it’s own personality, so really want to emphasize this for each property we stage for sale. 

Property Staging: The line between disorder and order lies in logistics

After everything has been selected and safely packed for travel, the logistics team load it all up on the truck. This may happen at the end of the day prior to install, or the morning of install. It is dependent on what our schedule and deadlines are for that particular week. The full amount of stock required for the property is crossed checked on a pre-made inventory list, before being delivered as scheduled on install day.

The experienced and qualified logistics team will then navigate stairs, walls, lifts, tight corners, narrow doorways, rain, hail (yes stylists and their teams complete installs in all kinds of weather, we never cancel or postpone under any circumstances!) and shine to ensure that all the stock safely makes it inside the property. All of this while also ensuring that none of the internals or externals of the property is damaged by the sheer task of moving all the furniture inside (and later, back outside) the home.

After placement of all the furniture in the stylists requested positions is completed, the stylist, or more often than not, stylists, will personally style and put together each individual room with great care and consideration. As we are doing this we are thinking about each and every finer detail. All to give your home the best first impression. Small details create big results!

Once the fit out is complete, we pack up all our tools, remove any possible rubbish, vacuum and be on our way.
When the house has sold we come back with our truck and repeat the process again! With everything safely back at our warehouse, we pack it all away so it is ready for the next install.

As experienced professionals in our field, we would love the opportunity to help use our skills and processes to help you achieve the maximum sale price for your property in Newcastle and surrounds.